Shining Hwa is a food machinery manufacturer and supplier located in China. We specialize in the production of various food production lines, including biscuit production lines, puffing food production lines, chocolate production lines, wafer production lines, potato chips production lines, egg roll production lines, cake production lines, soft bread production lines, French Pancake production lines, etc. These food production lines have their exclusive applications.
We offer a wide range of auxiliary equipment and food production lines, including biscuit sandwich machines, sugar grinders and cream mixers, just to name a few. All these food equipment are designed based on advanced technologies. They are therefore of reliable performance, high production capacity, low noise production and simple operation, etc.
Shining Hwa is one of the card production line manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our card production equipment falls into three primary categories: scratch card production line, IC card production line, and card packing equipment. Our IC card production line can produce both SIM cards and contactless cards.

Shining Hwa is a leading food packaging machine manufacturer and supplier based in China. Our food packing equipment falls into three categories: tea bag packing machine, vertical food packaging machine and horizontal food packaging equipment. All these wrapping machines are highly automated and work ...

Filter papers are extensively used in the packaging and preservation applications. Heat-sealable and non-heat-sealable filter papers are both available here.
They can be used to wrap tea, herbs, coffee, and spices, among others. Filter papers are extensively used in automatic tea bag packing lines and manual tea packing activities.
Founded in 1988, Shining Hwa Enterprise Co., Ltd. is an experienced food production line and food packaging machine manufacturer and supplier in China. Our food production equipment includes a biscuit production line, wafer production line, candy production line, and we also offer other, related equipment. Shining Hwa has also expanded into other markets: we offer card production lines for manufacturing scratch cards, SIM cards, and IC cards.
As a professional food machinery manufacturer, Shining Hwa is dedicated to manufacturing competitive food production lines and food packaging machines, etc. By adopting world-class manufacturing technologies and equipment as well as internationally approved equipment components, we are continuing to improve our product quality. And our adoption of strict quality control system and quality inspection system further guarantee our equipment quality and reliability.