Cotton Conveyor Belt

Cotton Conveyor Belt

Cotton Conveyor Belt

Our cotton conveyor belt has the following features: strong resistance to heat, abrasion resistance, good air permeability and durability.

1. Our cotton conveyor belts can be used a food conveyor belt in food production lines.
2. Used in rotary cutting machines during biscuit production.
3. Used as a conveyor belt for the corrugated board making machine.

Specifications of Cotton Conveyor Belt:
Name Thickness Width
Food conveyor belt 2.5mm,3mm 600-2,200mm
Conveyor belt for rotary cutter, rotary mold 1.6mm,1.9mm 600-2,200mm
Conveyor belt for corrugated board machine 6mm 500-2,800mm

Shining Hwa is a leading cotton conveyor belt manufacturer and supplier in China. Since 1988, the company has been specializing in the production of various food production lines and food machinery parts to satisfy customer needs. We produce various food equipment components including filter papers, packaging films, biscuit moulds, and metal mesh belts, just to name a few.
We adopt world-class manufacturing technologies and use internationally-approved equipment components to make our products. This is done to ensure that they are of good quality. Our products have all received ISO, CE and CCC certification. We have a wide range of equipment and have been in this industry for the past 20 years. The products we produce are well accepted in Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Algeria, Denmark, Kazakhstan, and more.

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