Filter Paper

Filter Paper

Filter Paper

Filter papers can either be heat sealable or non-heat sealable.
1. Heat sealable filter paper does not require glue. This guarantees high standards of hygiene. Water can easily infiltrate the tea-bag, which makes it sink into the cup.
2. Non-heat sealable filter paper is made of imported, long fiber wood pulp and manila pulp. This makes our product having high air permeability and tension.

Heat sealable filter paper can be used as the wrapping material for tea, herbs, coffee, and spices, among others. In general terms, filter paper is extensively used in automatic tea bag packing lines or manual tea packing operations.

Applicable machines:
Our filter paper can be used by different packing machinery made in different countries. For example, our product is suitable for Nanfeng brand CDMA machine, Tianjin machine, Maise made in Argentina and IMA tea and coffee packing machines made in Italy. Clients could choose the most suitable packing mode, ration and width.

General specifications of filter paper:
(1) Heat sealable type: 16.5±1g/m2, 18±1 g/m2, 21±1 g/m2, 23±1 g/m2;Non heat sealable type, 12.5±1 g/m2, 14.5±1 g/m2.
(2) Non-heat sealable type: 12.5±1 g/m2, 14.5±1 g/m2.
94mm, 103mm, 114mm, 120mm, 125mm, 132mm, 140mm, 145mm, 160mm, 180mm.

As a filter paper manufacturer and supplier in China, Shining Hwa has the capacity to produce a wide range of other food machinery components, such as packaging films, biscuits moulds, scratch off labels, metal mesh belts, etc.
Our products are of high quality and competitive prices. They have been used in numerous countries including Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Algeria, Denmark, Kazakhstan, and more. For further information, please navigate to the PRODUCT page or contact us directly.

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