Food Materials

    1. Filter PaperHeat sealable filter paper can be used as the wrapping material for tea, herbs, coffee, and spices, among others. In general terms, filter paper is extensively used in ...
    1. Packaging Film As a professional packing film manufacturer, Shining Hwa adopts advanced blow molding technologies to produce food packaging films. Our films have various features including good ...
    1. Biscuit MouldShining Hwa is a leading biscuit mould manufacturer and supplier in China. By adopting advanced production technologies, we offer thousands of biscuit molds for producing, hard biscuits, pancakes, potato chips, animal feeds, etc.
    1. Cotton Conveyor BeltOur cotton conveyor belt has the following features: strong resistance to heat, abrasion resistance, good air permeability and durability.
    1. Scratch Off LabelShining Hwa is a leading professional scratch-off label manufacturer and supplier located in Zhuhai, China. This location offers us convenient transportation facilities by sea, land and air. This enables us to save ...
    1. Metal Mesh BeltA metal mesh belt is commonly used in ovens, cooling devices and oil sprayers, etc. It is a necessary component for biscuit production lines, puffing food production lines, etc. ...
    1. Paper Baking TrayOur paper baking trays is convenient and simple to use. They can be put into ovens directly. They feature non-permeability. Thus oil or any other liquid will not penetrate through them.
    1. Bread Baking Sheet A bread baking sheet is primarily used for baking cakes, hamburgers, breads, and puddings, and more. It is also known as a bakeware or a non-sticky tray. Sometimes, people simply call it a baking sheet or a baking tray.
    1. Food AdditiveFood additives function to improve food quality, prolong food shelf-life, and facilitate food production, and more. A food additive is either chemical-compounded or natural. ...
    1. Potato FlourBy mixing potato flour with water, we will be able to obtain mashed potatoes.
      Potato flour provides good solutions for producing various kinds of French fries, potato salad, potato cakes and so on.
    1. DesiccantDesiccants are widely used in manufacturing and packaging industries for food, medicines, electronics, household appliances, handicrafts, instruments, meters, clothing, shoes and hats, as ...

Food Materials

As a professional food equipment manufacturer and supplier in China, Shining Hwa is involved in the manufacture of food production lines and accessories. Our food production accessories include filter papers, packaging films, biscuit moulds, cotton conveyor belts, scratch off labels and metal mesh belts, etc.

Applications and characteristics of food materials:
Filter papers are extensively used in the packaging and preservation applications. Heat-sealable and non-heat-sealable filter papers are both available here. They can be used to wrap tea, herbs, coffee, and spices, among others. Filter papers are extensively used in automatic tea bag packing lines and manual tea packing activities.
Our packaging films, which are made of high quality raw materials, are environmentally friendly and commonly used in the food packaging and preservation industries.

A biscuit mould is used in the production of biscuits with different shapes and patterns. We use high quality raw material and advanced production techniques to make our biscuit moulds hygienic, durable, heat-resistant and wear resistant.

Cotton conveyor belts have a softer texture than metal conveyer belts, making them more suitable for conveying corrugated boards and various foods, etc. They are heat-resistant, abrasion resistant, durable, and have good air permeability.

Our metal mesh belts, which are durable and heat-resistant, are necessary parts for ovens, cooling devices and oil sprayers, etc. They are necessities in biscuit production lines, puffing food production lines, and more.

Our scratch-off labels are opaque to ensure high standards of security. They are extensively used for password covering of prepaid phone cards, telecom cards, and game cards, and more.

Founded in 1988, Shining Hwa is a professional food machine and food material manufacturer and supplier based in China.

We focus on food material quality and our food production materials are ISO, CE and CCC certified. They are of reasonable prices and reliable performance, making them extensively used in Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Algeria, Denmark, Kazakhstan, etc.
We are looking forward to receiving your orders. For more product information, please contact us now!

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