Card Production Line

    1. Scratch Card Production LineOur scratch card production line is suitable for producing cards and other flat objects that require a scratch-off-label to cover PINs, codes, etc.
      Our complete unit of ...
    1. IC Card Production LineShining Hwa is an IC card production line manufacturer based in China. Our IC card production line falls into two primary categories: SIM card production equipment and contactless card production equipment. All these machines have high levels of automation and high production capacities.
    1. Card Packing EquipmentOur card packing equipment is suitable for packing cards made of different materials. It has the following features: high packaging speed, reliable performance, high quality packaging, ...

Card Production Line

Shining Hwa is one of the card production line manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our card production equipment falls into three primary categories: scratch card production line, IC card production line, and card packing equipment. Our IC card production line can produce both SIM cards and contactless cards.

Based on a new design philosophy, our scratch card production lines can accomplish card-feeding, data-printing, data-covering by scratch-off-layer, imprinted data verification, and card-collection, etc. in just one-stop. This unit of card-production-machines is extensively used by card manufacturers who serve in the telecommunications and mobile communications industries.

An IC card production line is primarily composed of a sheet laminator, a card punching machine, an IC module implanting machine, and more. It is s a fully automatic production line and is applicable to a variety of card materials and card shapes.

Its characteristics include high packaging speed and high quality packaging. It makes use of the raw materials in an economical way hence reducing the production costs.

Shining Hwa is a card production equipment supplier with over 20 years of experience. The company always focuses on product quality. As a result, all our products have obtained ISO, CE and CCC certification. Our reliable products of good quality and reasonable prices have been well accepted in Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Algeria, Denmark, Kazakhstan, and more.
If you are interested in our card machinery, please don't hesitate to contact us! Shining Hwa will never disappoint you.

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