Biscuit Sandwich Machine

Biscuit Sandwich Machine

Biscuit Sandwich Machine

RCJ series biscuit sandwich machines are primarily used for inserting cream, jam, etc. between biscuits. Designed based on advanced technologies, our biscuit sandwich equipment is characterized by simple operation and reliable performance.
The machines can be used in the processing of biscuits, French pancakes, etc.

1. This kind of food machine is made of stainless steel, to ensure high standards of hygiene.
2. Pump feeding guarantees a steady and smooth jam and cream feeding. It also helps in the cleaning process.
3. The cream and jam tub is equipped with auto-heating and heat preservation functions.
4. Adjustable lane-width enables our biscuit sandwich machine to be suitable for processing various kinds of biscuits.
5. Production speed is adjustable through its variable-frequency speed regulation function. The amount of jam and cream inserted is also adjustable.
6. A uniquely designed star wheel on the biscuit conveyor enables all finished biscuits to stack in an orderly manner. This helps to facilitate biscuit packaging.
7. Our biscuit sandwich machine can also be combined with biscuit packaging machines to obtain a fully automatic biscuit production line.

Specifications of biscuit sandwiching machine:
Function Single-lane (2+1) sandwiching Single-lane (3+2) sandwiching Single-lane (2+2) sandwiching Two-lane (2+1) sandwiching
Biscuit size Round φ35-60mm (H)3-8mm φ35-60mm (H)3-8mm φ40-60mm (H)3-8mm φ30-65mm (H)3-8mm
Square (L)35-65mm (W)35-65mm (H)3-8mm (L)30-60mm (W)30-60mm (H)3-8mm (L)40-65mm (W)40-60mm (H)3-8mm (L)35-70mm (W)30-65mm (H)3-8mm
Production Capacity 100-380 sandwiches/min 100-380 sandwiches/min 100-380 sandwiches/min 800-1200 sandwiches/min
Operating Voltage 220V/50Hz
Total Power 3Kw 6Kw 5.5Kw 4Kw
Overall dimension 420×90×140(cm) (L×W×H) 510×80×140(cm) (L×W×H) 460×100×145(cm) (L×W×H) 550×190×150(cm) (L×W×H)

In above the table above:
(2+1) means one kind of cream or jam between two biscuits.
(3+2) means two kinds of cream or jam between three biscuits.
(2+2) means two kinds of cream/jam between two biscuits.

Shining Hwa is a professional biscuit sandwich machine manufacturer and supplier in China that was established in 1988. In addition to biscuit sandwiching machines, we can also provide some other auxiliary equipment for food production lines, such as sugar grinders and cream mixers, etc.
All these food machines are characterized by reliable performance, high production efficiency, low noise production and simple operation, etc. They have obtained ISO, CCC and CE certification. Our food production equipment and auxiliary equipment are extensively used in Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Algeria, Denmark, and Kazakhstan, among others.

You are most welcome to purchase our food equipment.

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