Candy Production Line

Candy Production Line

Candy Production Line

Candy production lines for producing hard candies, toffees, chewy candies and many other kinds of candies are all available here. A hard candy production line can be classified as hard candy depositing production line and chain die-forming candy production line.

Technical Parameter of Candy Production Line:

1. Hard candy depositing production line
Capacity: 150kg/hour, 300kgs/hour, 500kg/hour

2. Chain die-forming candy production line
Forming speed: Max. 5000pcs/min

3. Toffee production line
Capacity: Min. 250kg/hour

4. Chewy candy production line
Capacity: Min. 400kg/hour

As a candy production line manufacturer and supplier in China, Shining Hwa has acquired over 20 years of manufacturing experience. All our food machinery have obtained CCC, ISO and CE certification and have been well accepted in Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Algeria, Denmark, and Kazakhstan, among others.
We have the capability to produce different food production equipment to satisfy diverse customer needs. For instance, we also produce food packaging equipment, biscuit sandwich machines, sugar grinders, cream mixers, and food machinery components, among others. Contact us for further information concerning our products.
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