Soft Bread Production Line

Soft Bread Production Line

Soft Bread Production Line

Our soft bread production line is a leading food production line used in the production of various kinds of milk breads and soft breads, etc.
Generally speaking, a soft bread production line is composed of a flour-mixer, dough-pressing machine, dough cutting machine, rolling machine, forming machine, baking oven, cooling and packaging machine etc. The soft bread production line produces breads that are of uniform color and delicious taste. The shelf life of the breads produced could be 6 months. This production line is suitable for the mass production of products in food manufacturing factories.


Technical Parameters of Soft Bread Production Line:
Capacity 160-200kg/h (4~5T/24hr.)
Weight of a bread Approx. 20g/pcs
Baking time of breads Approx. 15min
General power Approx. 40kw
Overall weight Approx. 15.3 T

Remark: Capacity can be customized to fit customer requirements.

Our company is located in Zhuhai which is a costal city in China. It is convenient to access transportation of our goods by sea, land or air at a low cost. As an experienced soft bread production line manufacturer and supplier, we also offer many other food production lines, such as French pancake production lines, candy production lines, etc. Food packaging equipment and other food equipment accessories are all available in our company.
Shining Hwa is committed to offering high quality equipment at competitive prices. We welcome you to choose our products. Please contact us for more detailed information about our products.

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