Puffing Food Production Line

Puffing Food Production Line

Puffing Food Production Line

This puffing food production line is primarily composed of single-screw and/or double-screw extrusion and puffing machines. Depending on different raw materials, the production line can be equipped with a mixer, a conveyor, a dryer, or a seasoning machine as well as any other auxiliary puffed food production equipment. Thus, this food production line can produce different kinds of puffed foods, such as puffed snacks, breakfast cereal foods, pet foods, and aquatic feeds, just to name a few.

As a professional puffing food production line manufacturer and supplier, we can produce equipment of different specifications. All of our products are characterized by high automation, stable performance, high efficiency and low production costs.
Shining Hwa has over 20 years of experience in the manufacture of food production lines. The company also has the capacity to produce many other food equipment, such as biscuit production lines, candy production lines, food packaging machines, and more. All of them are CCC, CE and ISO certified. As a result of our reliability, good quality products, and reasonable prices, our food machinery have been widely used in Vietnam, Philippine, Indonesia, Malaysia, Algeria, Denmark, and Kazakhstan, etc.
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Flowcharts for puffing foods production:
1. Core-Filling Snack Process Line

Technical process: 1 Flour mixer→2 Double-screw extruder→3 Core filler→4 Multi-functional shaper→5 big elevator→6 three-layer electrcity→7 Eight-square seasoning device→8 Oil sprayer

2. Breakfast Cereal Process Line

Technical process: 1 Flour mixer→2 Double-screw extruder→3 Air conveyor→4 Big planishing machine→5 Toaster→6 Sugar coating line→7 Vibrating sizer→8 three-layer diesel dryer

3. Crispy Pea, Screw/Shell Type Potato Food Process Line
Technical process: 1 Flour mixer→2 Single-screw extruder→3 vibrating sizer→4 Pulling and cutting machine→5 Rotary dryer→6 Automatic fryer→7 Eight-square seasoning device

4. Bugles/Web Solid Compound Extrusion Food Process Line
Technical process: 1 Big flour mixer →2 Single-screw extruder→3 Compound shaper→4 Cooling conveyor→5 Three-layer electricity dryer→6 Rotary dryer→7 Automatic fryer→8 Flavoring line
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